Our brand is anchored by a taproom that is a place that not just offers better beer product, but an environment that strives to nurture meaningful interaction and ideas. Instead of adding to the noise, we will promote collaboration, constructive discourse, and transparency, with hopes to bring along the community on our beer making adventure. Our taproom has a large outdoor patio, and is dog friendly and family friendly. 

We hope you will visit to taste our beer and take beer-to-go. We program food trucks weekly, and you can bring food on-site (delivery, pickup, or your own). We brew small-batch artisan ales, 10 BBL at a time. We have a small brewing system on site (the same one Dogfish Head started its brewpub on), as well as do off-site wort production in order to be agile and experimental. We have 100% control of wort production, and craft the highest quality beers through traditional methods. We NEVER use extracts, and we try to use the most local and sustainable ingredients when possible. We ferment, age and blend all beer on our facility.  Gunwhale has a wooden foeder and temperature-controlled barrel room, with a growing supply of oak barrels for which we will develop more complex farmhouse, wild, and sour beers. Follow along for special releases.