“GUNWHALE” is a name inspired by a prior era. It means the top ridge of a boating vessel (now more commonly known as a gunnel). Its name is derived from the place where a gun is attached to a ship in order to fend off any threats to the voyage. We think our name is a curious, unique and memorable one, but we were most inspired by its use in the Old West. “Loaded to the gunwhales”, meant overflowing, and was slang for having tipped back a few too many fermented beverages. Where we were raised has history as a coastal territory with a rough surf, a land fertile for growing (hence the citrus groves lending its name), and a place of exploration. Some of its facade has changed....however its soul has not. Now, just like back then, life in California is about living wild-hearted on the frontier of the world. Let us not forget how to enjoy such a lucky fate!


It was the self-reliance and optimism of the explorers and pioneers who crossed vast and distant oceans to arrive here; they made their way to the West through uncharted trails, discovering a rustic landscape that was majestic and fertile. These were rugged people living on the frontier, literally and figuratively, helping one another in the building of a new world. And from the Old World, they brought along their most cherished traditions: among them the art of brewing. They include the farmers, ranchers, the natives, the cowboys, the anglers, the hunters, the speculators, the missionaries, and even the outlaws. We are inspired by how the natural wealth continues to produce the culture on this wild coast, and we hope to preserve the wilderness through a lifestyle of craft food and beverage.  We think the fact that society has taken a step back and has begun to re-evaluate and demand more natural, sustainable and quality products, is very promising. However, the battle for better beer is still in its infancy, and obfuscation and less than savory tactics are prevalent. This project is our effort to do things right, to educate, and create something special. This quote sums it up nicely... 

“Working to preserve in perpetuity is a great inspiration. We are not fighting a rear-guard action, we are facing a frontier. We are not slowing down a force that inevitably will destroy all the wilderness there is. We are generating another force, never to be wholly spent, that, renewed generation after generation, will be always effective in preserving wilderness. We are not fighting progress. We are making it. We are not dealing with a vanishing wilderness. We are working for a wilderness forever.”  - Howard Zahniser